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Developer: Fireproof Games
Latest Version: 1.0.1 update 2 months ago
System: Android 4.4+
The Room: Old Sins is the fourth part of the popular mobile puzzle series The Room, in which players will try on the role of a detective trying to track down the completely missing engineer Waldgreyd and his spouse. For this, he sent them a huge house to search for evidence. Gradually, you can reach the attic, where the unusual dollhouse is located, where the most complex and interesting puzzles begin.

As in the case of the three previous games, in The Room: Old Sins you need will be engaged in research of a variety of mechanical devices with the aim of discovery, to move further along the plot. Each new mechanism provides more opportunities for the player. As an example, you can twist, drag, spin, or combine parts. Since the dollhouse has relatively small dimensions, various engineering devices, like an eyepiece, can help in the study. Also, there are projections and holograms with the help of which we managed to diversify the gameplay.

An interesting feature of the puzzle is that each of the puzzles smoothly flow into each other, in addition, they are completely non-linear. As an example, when opening an object in one place, you can close something in another. Thus, gradually, players will be able to go through the whole puzzle, but not everyone can do it, and given the fact that Old Sins is the longest part of the series, for many it will become a real challenge.

In terms of graphics, The game has almost no analogues on mobile devices. Every detail has been worked out with such meticulousness that the mechanisms look as if they are real, and therefore their analysis is a very exciting activity. The project will appeal not only to fans of the series, but also to just fans of interesting and well-made puzzles. However, before proceeding to the passage of Old Sins, it is worth playing the previous parts of the series to complete the picture.

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