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Category: Games
Developer: Star Ring Game Limited
Latest Version: 1.1.51 update 1 month ago
System: Android 4.0.3+
We missed the high-quality zombie strategies with original animation and interesting characters, then it’s time to pick up any gadget and download "Zgirls". The game certainly seems wildly original and not standard, but then the developers hope so, trying to surprise and intrigue their users. And let no one be surprised that the game has no Russian-language support, and all the inscriptions and replicas are spoken in Japanese or English. By the time the update comes out with the Russian language, every gamer has time to understand what is happening and so. This will probably happen sooner or later, but in the near future we should not expect this, and most likely the similar interface to most future participants of this toy is already familiar.

The action "Zgirls" will naturally occur not in a prosperous world, but in complete chaos, fear, and of course, insane bloodthirsty zombies. If you have already downloaded to your android this creation of Japanese gaming art, then you are undoubtedly pleased with the local graphics. In its content and characters, the visual will be completely anime, but this feature is unlikely to surprise anyone. On the contrary, cute female characters in the anime performance will delight the eyes of all connoisseurs. The plot besides the brightness and charm of its juicy graphics will surely make you smile, more than once. To this end, the developers are seriously carried away, because usually people on the verge of a zombie apocalypse are not very fun. Most likely, those who have tried similar games in their gaming careers will be the first to download this action to the android, so the training levels and tasks are not necessary, they are for beginners, who probably will also be.

So, what is the game about? Those who nevertheless decided to plunge into the dangerous world "Zgirls", will have to go with their hero into a zone of constant chaos, where zombies rule. All the characters here are female, so it’s worth imagining what you will lose if you don’t download this game to your android, knowing in which graphics everything will happen. Each character will have individual skills that can be developed along the way. In order to save their lives was easier, people will need to create and strengthen the base on which all non-infected characters will exist and which will be protected from the onslaught of zombies. Developing a base is not only possible, but also necessary, but do not forget to use the individual skills of the characters, which each Zgirls hero will have their own and will not meet with the rest.

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