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Developer: Game Insight
Latest Version: 8.2.5 update 4 months ago
System: Android 4.0.3+
Gaming applications based on the search for items are unlikely to once lose their relevance and relevance. The creators of these games will always be able to find interesting characters, locations and search values ​​in order to interest their audiences of all ages. So if you are well versed in the nooks and crannies of medieval Britain, or vice versa, you only want to get acquainted with this amazing country, then welcome to the Alice through the looking glass of Albion ”application, which is available for download on any android for free. In addition to its accessibility, the game has one more advantage: you don’t need an Internet connection to go through, all the content is already in the app, which will make it easier to play on the road or in the middle of nowhere, where there is no Internet.

Well, lovers detective adventure, have already downloaded the game "Alice through the looking glass of Albion" on your smartphone? Then the time has come to go to England, where the dishonorable heart queen weaves her cunning intrigue, who is Alice’s most important opponent in this world. The main, but not the only one, because you and your hero will have to resist the whole mafia clans of the city, freeing the country from their influence. To do it alone is difficult, so for the successful implementation of the mission you will have to collect objects and treasures, thanks to which you will be able to resist numerous enemies. But all this will not be an easy walk through the environs of the royal palace. To get into it you will have to search all the gloomy hairpins of the British capital and find all the necessary things. For ultimate success, the player will have to act on three different levels of difficulty, each of which reveals more and more new secrets, giving hints for further successful travel. To get the desired hints, objects or treasures you will need to solve difficult, but rather interesting tasks and complete difficult tasks.

But the goal of the whole action of the game “Alice in the looking-glass of Albion” is worth all these tests, because sooner or later you will get to the palace of the evil heart queen, and by that time you will surely be ready. The completed levels with their tests will pump over your character and make your brains work to the full. Otherwise, the victory will get the evil mischievous queen and then all the inhabitants of this world will again and again suffer from her rule. To prevent this, it is time to download the application to your device and start searching for answers in unknown London.

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