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Category: Games
Developer: Calford
Latest Version: 1.120 update 5 months ago
System: Android 1.5+
Guns is a simulator that allows you to test the characteristics of a weapon when firing. The application is a small encyclopedia of weapons, which presents a huge selection of arsenals of different brands and models.

The user has the opportunity to test a variety of weapons, including rocket launchers, assault and sniper rifles, pistols, machine guns, revolvers, grenades, and even knives . With each hotel type of weapon you can get acquainted in detail in the presented characteristics, find out interesting details, ballistic characteristics and much more.

In order to carry out firing from a particular weapon, you will need to aim and tap the screen, or, for example, shake your Android device.

During the installation of this application, in order to use all the features presented, it is necessary to allow access to the camera. With the use of which is a preview in this mode, as the choice of the target. In this mode, photos using the camera are not made.

Guns will be entered into the arsenal:
  • More than twenty-four instances of machine guns, including Kalashnikov, M16, Famas; < br>
  • More than twenty pistols;
  • Pump guns in the amount of five pieces;
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  • Ten sniper rifles, among them Barret, Dragunov, Steyr;
  • Anti-aircraft guns and rocket launchers; < br>
  • Fragmentation and high-explosive shells;
  • All kinds of grenades, namely gas, defensive, light-noise, attacking;
  • Various knives, including ballistic, o otnichi bayonet
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