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Category: Games
Developer: gedev
Latest Version: 1.8.11 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.4+
The game Flags of all countries of the world - Guess the flag of your country! will be useful for you to study the peoples of other countries, their culture and national symbols. Download it and start to understand the flags of other states, the names of capitals, now on Android devices.

The game will be very useful for children, because it is fun and educational, go through the levels with the child, and then without it, without worrying about the limited number of flags represented in it. As a result, you will get great time with your child, and he, in turn, will get some necessary knowledge in a game form. in the right places, so that the flag and the capital represented one country. A total of 20 countries at each stage - do not make a single mistake, because the level will start anew.

Also thanks to this game, you will know what population lives in a particular country, as well as its national currency. All this is in the game mode, so the information will be perceived very easily and not forcedly.

The game has a rating of the best and most curious. Download the application on your smartphone, gain additional knowledge about the countries of the world and take first place in the line of the most "smart players".

Download Flags and Capitals of the World Quiz

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