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Developer: Overmobile
Latest Version: 1.30.5 update 2 months ago
System: Android 4.4+
I would just like to say that the developers of Godlands RPG: Heroes and Dragons provided support for the Russian language - this in turn is very good for the Russian-speaking audience and has a positive effect on the number of players in this RPG. It is worth noting that the game has already been downloaded over 7 million times - there is no other evidence of popularity and quality.

Description of features, game concept and plot

The development team of this game successfully implemented network battles between players around the globe, passing various quests and many other features. The beginning of the game, as in any other, will start from the stage of creating its future hero, choosing its main characteristics and going.

A player living in it can do many different things: fight with other players, complete quests as single players so and group, go to the dungeons - the main goal will still be world domination.

Filling the game will delight its army of players with a system for crafting various items, potions; the study of magic spells, collecting amulets and other game values. You will always have a choice: to master the magic perfectly or to kill the enemy with deadly blows of cold weapons.


The game turned out to be colorful and very interesting, so if you like browser games of this genre, only now you can download and be always online!

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