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Developer: PEARL ABYSS
Latest Version: 1.22.7 update 6 months ago
System: Android 5.0+
Age: 12+
Size: Mb
When Black Desert came out on computers, many rightly recognized it as the most beautiful MMORPG. Now the mobile version of this Korean project is also conquering the mobile device market.

Features of Mobile Black Desert

Although the mobile version of this game is inferior in capabilities to its “big brother,” it is of interest to many fans. online RPG.

There are only 5 game classes in BDO. At the same time, for male characters, 2 are available: the giant and the warrior, and for female characters - 3: the witch, the valkyrie and the ranger.

The original game has the Nontarget system, but due to the limitations of the mobile platform, it was abandoned. The fights in it happen the same way as in many other MMORPGs on smartphones /tablets - you need to select mobs /characters and score them with skills. Movement, in turn, is carried out by changing the position of the virtual stick.

Leveling characters

The number of levels in the game is 60. With the receipt of each new character's skills improve. It can also get stronger by collecting runes, installing stones and sharpening weapons.

To simplify the gameplay, the developers made the sharpening almost safe - the chance to lose an item while improving it is very low. In this case, the stones can be moved from one weapon to another.

Directly pumping, as usual, occurs in two ways. The first is killing mobs (grind). The second is the fulfillment of tasks (quests). At first, the game quickly rewards the gamer for the actions, but then you have to try to get at least level 1. Of course, this was not done without autoquests. If you turn on this function, the character will run himself to complete the task and will automatically do what he needs to do. In fact, this is a bot allowed by developers and built right into the game.

And, of course, there are many dungeons here. Some of them can go alone, while others are only in a group.

Black Desert Mobile Graphics

BDO is a three-dimensional game built on the Unreal Engine 4. The developers used all the features of the platform to do:
  • dynamic shadows;
  • lighting close to reality;
  • many small details of the landscape and in-game characters, etc.
But to see it all splendor, you need a powerful smartphone. On high graphics settings, a Black Desert mobile can normally go on chips embedded in the Snapdragon 800 series.

Black Desert Mobile is almost a standard MMORPG, which has some unique chips. Therefore, one should not expect from it what the “big” projects on computers can offer, but still it can carry away and entertain.
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