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Category: Games
Developer: Sergey Tropin
Latest Version: 1.150 update 1 month ago
System: Android 4.1+
Every fan of mechanical puzzle games will be very pleased to test a real masterpiece of Gears logic puzzles, where the meaning lies in the correct control of gears. The game will be available immediately after downloading to Android. It is completely based on real physics, so the process promises to be interesting, but at the same time quite easy. The user must make the gears turn red. To this end, you can use different standard wheels with different diameter. If desired, they are easy to change with each other, as well as move. Such actions are necessary in order to transfer the rotation of motion to the green wheel, to which the main role belongs.

Gears can be moved millimeters to accurately capture torque. It's time to work out your skill to think logically and successfully solve each proposed puzzle. As they say, this is a unique opportunity to charge your mind and test your intellectual abilities. Arrange a good test for your brain and see what happens.

After a user downloads logical puzzles to Android Gears, over 1000 different levels of difficulty will become available to him. The gameplay will not be difficult to master, so that the gears will become even easier to manage. If a small level of charge is noted, although you want to continue playing, you can use the economy mode option. I liked it, create your own level, in which other participants will start to play as well, and stop the choice on one of them made. There are no restrictions on time and moves, everyone will be able to choose the desired pace of the game. In addition, the gameplay will require an internet connection, that is, today you can test your abilities in almost any place if you wish. Gear mechanics is entirely based on real physical properties.

Once again - the green wheel is responsible for scrolling the rest. The user needs to make the gears move in red. All others exist only as auxiliary.

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