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Category: Games
Developer: Nix Hydra
Latest Version: 1.60 update 4 months ago
System: Android 4.1+
The Arcana - A Mystic Romance will appeal to gamers who prefer legendary plots with a romantic meaning. This game is based on the traditions of the simulator, which creates real-life situations and gives players the opportunity to create a fundamentally new story of their virtual reality in the game. The Arcana - A Mystic Romance has a great story, a great storyline, and all the characters represented in it are quite attractive. tragedies of the soul according to all the canons of the dramatic genre. The character, around which all this series of magical events will develop, is a girl who possesses all imaginable and transcendent talents in the matter of witchcraft and magical transformations. She is talented, interesting and charming, but, as was the case even in the real world, not so much invented, she is absolutely and disastrously unlucky in matters of the heart. It is this bundle of misfortune that you have to unleash so that our heroine will finally find her true love. While you are going step by step, stage by stage, to help your character, there will be so much interesting and amazing around you! A variety of characters - everyone has his own disposition, character, appearance and habits, but you never know what to expect from them all. Your solution: change the event chain or stay at the same stage. After installing this intriguing game, you will find out about what you didn’t even guess about before.

Living with the main character all those events that are in the game scenario The Arcana - A Mystic Romance , remember that a series of riddles can provoke not the most pleasant and desirable results after solving them. Some secrets hold such frightening facts that can really shake you. But also, along with the emotions of fear, the action of the game throughout the entire period will cause magical romantic feelings in you. How the events will unfold and who will be near you, and with whom the circumstances of the plot will be divorced, only you will decide. Being surrounded by all the characters at the same time will not work.

The Arcana - A Mystic Romance is a wonderful mini-novel you write yourself! And the interconnection of the entire narrative with the world of tarot cards adds a certain cosmic atmosphere to the game. 20 maps - 20 plots, and they are interconnected with each other. You can easily start the game, play the selected model, and then start playing again and in a different scenario.

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