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Developer: D3 Go!
Latest Version: 180.484923 update 1 month ago
System: Android 4.0.3+
Age: 7+
Size: 83 Mb
Who doesn't love Marvel comics? We all love the many superheroes of this incredible magical universe. Anyone who has ever watched blockbusters on these comics, especially from the series of films about the Avengers, probably imagined himself as one of the mighty characters. But while such an opportunity in life is not available, and between films there was a pause. For their fans, the company Marvel has prepared something, on the basis of the android platform, the toy Marvel Puzzle Quest "was developed and implemented, which absorbed signs of both puzzles and RPGs.

According to the plot of the application "Marvel Puzzle Quest Dark Reign" there are many supermen and superheroes with different abilities and capabilities. Among them are good and decent, who came to the defense of humanity, and the villains, naturally opposing this coalition. Both those and others strive to get into their possession a particle that hit the planet with a meteorite falling on it. In a global sense, the game is a set of collisions of these very positive characters against negative ones, and each victory in a given battle brings either one or the other to victory. In visual terms, the user of this application passes a three-row puzzle with some of its exceptional features. Above the field of the game each time icons are placed with images of those superheroes who are directly involved in this battle. Each of them has an indicator of strength, which increases if the player destroys the chips intended for this hero of flowers. They also have an indicator of life, which decreases if the enemy strikes back.

Behind some of the chips are hidden enemy machine-gunners, whom it is desirable to promptly calculate and destroy, until they damage your heroes. Your team’s superpowers will help you with this, since if their strength is filled, you can use their abilities in combat. The winner is revealed in the simplest and clearest way: whoever has at least one undefeated hero in the team wins this test, receiving the reward put for it. The application has a kind of special effects that remind us of the cine battles of this universe. But while the enemies of the Avengers are gathering strength, and Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man and others themselves are restoring their powers, you can download the "Marvel Puzzle Quest Dark Reign" and fight the enemies of humanity directly with smartphone or tablet with an android type platform.
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