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Developer: Gaijin Distribution KFT
Latest Version: update 1 week ago
System: Android 6.0+
Studio developer "Gaijin" - known in the world creator of games in the military genre. The creators of the programs today set out to gain leadership in the mobile market, so you are invited to download "Mad Driver" to android (version of "Crossout"), as an example of a successful development of automotive action. This project stands out among other board games.

The user is completely unlimited in his actions. The player deals with the creation of military units of equipment independently. The player will need to show skill and imagination:

  • With the help of the installation of innovative engines it is possible to upgrade the car.
  • All sorts of weapons are offered. It remains to choose.
  • Technique is able to protect the armor. And by upgrading the armor, you will be able to develop indicators of permeability.

The exciting project "Mad Driver" reminds its predecessor and does not lag behind the past development. Everyone will have the opportunity to take part in battles, and the post-apocalypse is very high quality here.

The level of graphics is at a height. Battles are strikingly spectacular, landscapes are drawn clearly. Player imbued with the atmosphere of a ruined world.

Variants of military equipment:

  • Armored car. This is not the fastest car , but reliable;
  • Buggy. This technique is fast, but does not have a super-armor;
  • Pickup. The combination of speed indicators with protection is optimal.

You are provided with hundreds of parts so that the designed equipment would be powerful enough.

Weapons system: < br>
  • machine guns of the classic design;
  • powerful small-sized cannons;
    < /li>
  • even rockets.

And here there is a high workability. A damaged car, besides losing its appearance, also becomes weaker in performance. Speed ​​indicators are weaker, armor is lost, etc.

There is an opportunity to join the team with the help of PvP mode. The combination of four players will be able to successfully resist a similar coalition of 4 opponents. Large-scale post-apocalyptic battles are coming.

There are many factions here. Decide for yourself what flag to stand in order to defeat opponents. Playing for grouping, you have even more skills and details needed to win. Leader's title will have to push! After all, each of the many thousands of real opponents is ready to fight to the end for the right to dominate the post-apocalypse world.

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