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Kitchen Stories is a collection of many interesting recipes. Each of them is accompanied by detailed cooking instructions and colorful illustrations. There are several languages for the user to choose from, in which all recipes are available. Many of them are also accompanied by a video, for a more detailed description of the cooking steps.

The main screen offers the user a choice of a large number of images with the names of the dishes. On each icon you can see the number of likes that other users have marked this dish, and the number of those who have saved it to their Favorites. This function is available after logging in via Facebook, Google or mail. There are also various filters and a convenient search throughout the application that you can use to find a specific dish. The filter has the following categories for selection: dish type (first, second, dessert, etc.), ingredients (products available for cooking), etc. This function will allow you to prepare a dish only from what is in your refrigerator, or from those products that you can not find use for. Additionally, the filter indicates the time required for cooking and the caloric content of an already prepared dish.

In the settings of Kitchen Stories, each user specifies a convenient language for himself and a measurement system. More than 10 languages ​​are available for selection (English, German, Russian, etc.). The application added a convenient feature "Shopping". It helps to make a list of products that are necessary for the preparation of specific dishes.

For convenience and communication in the application there is the item "Community". Kitchen lovers gather here and group together. It can be fans of one particular dish, where they share the secrets of cooking and their small, but useful, tricks, as well as just lovers of tasty food.

The user also has a lot of different videos. Looking through them, one can learn to perform any operations more quickly and correctly (for example: cleaning apples, roasting bacon, etc.).

Opening the recipe, the author and the time when it was published is visible. The article can be supplemented with photos or video files. You can share your favorite recipe with your friends by means of social networks. Also, for authorized users, a commenting and “like” feature is available.

The application has a convenient, simple and intuitive interface. The library contains a huge number of different recipes in different languages.

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