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Category: Games
Developer: Game Circus LLC
Latest Version: 3.45 update 6 months ago
System: Android +
Amazing toy Prize Claw for those who all childhood tried to get something from a huge machine gun with surprises. Now you will have many such opportunities, and as a reward you can get the most unusual gifts. It's time to try your luck again and get the coveted reward.

We all have seen these bright automatic machines, which are located in large shopping centers or crowded places. They are full of many colors, shimmer with colorful lights and beckon pleasant music. Now this toy will be available to you at any time. To do this, simply download the application to your mobile device, and it is in your pocket!

The essence of Prize Claw is this: with the help of a huge hook, you need to be able to capture your favorite toy, hold it through the whole field and pull out through a special window. The machine is filled with various cars, animals, coins and soft toys. Having noticed the desired object in a large heap, a crane is sent to it. His movements are governed by special arrows, and when you press a special button - his lowering, clamping and lifting. All actions are identical to natural events: the lever reaches the desired position, lowers, takes a toy, carries it through the entire field and it falls into your hands. However, the tap does not always work perfectly. It happens that grabbing the desired prize is very difficult. Sometimes they can just fall out of the tentacles of the lever. To get your reward, you will need to try hard.

During the game there are several different levels, filled with their difficulties. Pass each of them, earn points and save up experience to have a better chance of success.

If you have already completed all levels, then download Prize Claw 2 .

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