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I would like to acquaint the user with a fairly promising and very exciting, prepared for the next release of the multiplatform, conditionally free and multiplayer computer role-playing game with the visibility from the first person The Elder Scrolls: Blades, the plot of which is based on a universe of interesting and exciting events. This entertainment was taken into the development of the branch from Canada Bethesda Game Studios, and the output of the product will be provided by the American publisher of computer games Bethesda Softworks. The solemn presentation of the game took place on the tenth of June this year. Since Bethesda is considered revered by many users and very popular among players because of the large series of games, the TES: Blades entertainment that it represents can without exaggeration be called quality products, where all aspects of the virtual world are revealed at a decent level and the graphic design of the console is demonstrated. level.

The considered application is positioned by experts as a high-budget computer game of the highest class for mobile devices of various kinds. Notable is the fact that at first it will have access only on Android and iOS, but in the future it is planned to be available on PC, consoles, VR helmets, including HTC Vive. Enjoy the long-awaited toys gamers will be able in the coming days. The creators did not elaborate on exactly which time of developing events in the universe will be discussed, but it is known for certain that the main character is a descendant of a very ancient kind of Blades, who after his exile returns to his distant homeland in order to restore the destroyed hometown, He is able to complete various quests. It is expected that users will be shocked by the beautiful graphics, wonderful landscapes, powerful and fantastic magic, a large number of all kinds of equipment and a whole system of acquiring the necessary skills. Additional tasks of various difficulties will also be involved here, and you can still be entertained so that no one can notice and understand that you have decided to distract yourself while working, as there is a portrait mode. For convenience, the developers used the TES: Blades method of two-handed control (virtual joysticks), and it is also possible to use only one hand with vertical orientation of the screen.

Do not forget that today you can register on The Elder Scrolls: Blades, so download the game on Android and enjoy this wonderful entertainment for free.

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