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Developer: Mechanist Internet Technologies
Latest Version: 1.9.04 update 2 months ago
System: Android 4.0.3+
The Great Sultan is a great opportunity to go back a few centuries. The events taking place in this historical game cover the spaces of 3 continents at once. Over the long 600 years, you have to manage vast lands, developing them and protecting them from numerous enemies.


The purpose of your participation in the game is to become the best ruler in all times, thereby making your subjects happy. Sultan's life is not only surrounded by a chic harem, but also in constant fierce wars. To strengthen their relationship with the rulers of neighboring states, you need to successfully marry their sons. The process of managing an army is important - give the correct orders to subordinate commanders who are fighting on your side. You will have to find a balance between your own desires and the interests of the state.

Dip into the maelstrom of events taking place in the Great Sultana, you will feel the atmosphere of the powerful Ottoman Empire. Thanks to your sensible rule, all the neighboring lands will be successfully conquered, and your enemies will be utterly defeated. Do not manage the ruler and without faithful subordinates. The service is to attract only those commanders who can create an army of fearless and skilled soldiers. Feel yourself a full-fledged ruler who has the right to do anything.

Game process

For an empire to develop successfully, for its inhabitants, you should build houses, build farms for animals and break up all new plantations. We must not forget about the need to build powerful fortresses that can cope with the enemy siege. Without food and weapons, your army will not be able to offer the enemy proper resistance, so soldiers must be constantly supplied with provisions and well armed. If the Great Sultan does not have enough resources, then you can borrow money from a neighbor or sell goods made in the empire.

Like every true Sultan you will have:
  • Search the whole Empire for the most beautiful girls for your harem;
  • Increase the strength of your state by entering into successful dynastic marriages;
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  • Together with the Viziers and commanders to maintain the combat capability of the army;
  • Participate in PvP battles;
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  • Use the Guild system to strengthen relationships with allies.


Developers of the Great Sultan offer you to evaluate:
  • Many fascinating levels;
  • Modern graphics;
  • Accessible controls;
  • Multiplayer mode.

The enemies have not yet gathered their strength, so you still have time to prepare for war. Become a Sultan and prove the weight of your intentions.

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