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Category: Games
Developer: Spunge Games Pty Ltd
Latest Version: 13.7 update 6 months ago
System: Android 4.1+
Age: 3+
Size: 88.39 Mb
Faily Brakes gives everyone the opportunity to try their hand at dangerous and rapid descent down the car. A dizzying ride can end very badly for the driver if you don’t drive around an obstacle in time. But at the finish, the user still gets into an accident, and the main task is to achieve records.

Background and gameplay

Once one unfortunate traveler named Phil Faile drove his car through mountainous terrain. The car suddenly swayed down and began to quickly pick up speed. It’s impossible to use brakes on a steep descent, so our hero decided to overcome the gorge, dodging stones, trees and passing trains. The main thing is correct turns and controlled jumps. Despite the abundance of various obstacles that appear on a dirt road at the most unexpected moment, with a timely turn of the steering wheel, the car safely drives around them. Management is carried out by pressing the arrow keys, and along the way it is worthwhile to pick up game currency in the form of gold coins, as well as various bonuses.

At first glance, the task is very difficult, but if you show ingenuity and reaction, you will get a tiny hope of reaching unprecedented indicators. Take the wheel of the car and try to descend as low as possible without incident to prolong Phil's life.

The visual content of the game

Similar to MineCraft in the game, graphic elements are made in the style of voxels. Destroyed objects and effects worked, including the character's flight in an accident, made according to the laws of the physical world, look very interesting. Music in the style of American country plays a sedative role, because the gameplay is associated with some psychological stress. It will not take several minutes, as the excitement will completely absorb you and it will be very difficult to stop.

The colorful and lively world literally fills the locations. The variety of machines available and the choice of costumes for the character are designed to make the process even more fun. Deep ravines, small rivers and bridges, stone cliffs and railways - all this was created in order to stop the rapidly descending transport. Adrenaline fun will last until the player loses control.
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