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Developer: Gear Games
Latest Version: 1.0.73 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.1+
Art of War 3: PvP RTS Strategy - War Game is an exciting strategy game for mobile devices from Gear Games, inspired by classic projects like Command & amp; Conquer and Red Alert. The creators managed to realize not only an interesting single-player campaign, but also a high-quality multiplayer mode. In fact, Art Of War 3 simply has no analogues, because it has literally everything that RTS lovers might be interested in.


First, players will need to choose the side that will be necessary to lead to victory. Players can choose from rebels and confederations, whose fighters have a number of differences from each other, both positive and negative.

In single-player mode, users will have to complete many missions, fulfilling direct instructions from their superiors. There are quite typical tasks for the genre such as building and developing a base, training fighters, reconnaissance missions, and participation in fierce battles. In a multiplayer game, you will need to be guided by your own experience, because the same players will resist you makes the gameplay even more difficult and at the same time, very exciting.


The atmosphere of Art Of War 3 deserves a special mention. The developers paid special attention to the visual component: the bases, units and locations are very detailed, which is great for immersion into what is happening. Do not lag behind and various visual effects during the battle and nice animation. In addition, the work done on the musical accompaniment deserves respect - it creates the necessary mood and fits perfectly into what is happening.

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