War Planet Online: Global Conquest for Android

Icon War Planet Online: Global Conquest
Category: Games
Developer: Gameloft
Latest Version: 2.2.0j update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.0.3+
The fate of the world depends on you. The war on the threshold and the player will lead the army and protect civilization. The global battle for resources and territories will affect everyone. Download the War Planet Online game for your Android gadget and save the world. An exciting game will not leave anyone indifferent. Excellent colorful graphics allows you to fully appreciate the benefits of an excellent game card. Images and animations are realistic and make it easy to dive into the game world. The advantage of War Planet Online is the ability not only to fight with more than a thousand players from many countries, but also the admissibility of making various alliances with them. Communication is facilitated by the presence in the game of the world chat. Parallel translation allows you to easily communicate with foreign players.

The fight begins, and it will be difficult. The player has many options available. At his disposal, and ordinary soldiers, and the most diverse military equipment, including ballistic missiles, armored forces, powerful aircraft. But opponents are strong. These are real experienced players. It is necessary to create an impregnable base, to organize a powerful fortified area. The situation in the gaming world saturated with strong clans is complicated. And a simple frontal impact can lead to a catastrophe. It is necessary to create alliances with real players by the allies, to plan in the chat complex, coordinated military operations. Allies can provide effective assistance in the most difficult moments of combat operations. Create a powerful modern army, rally allies around you and deliver an irresistible blow to your opponents. The hardest battles taking place in real time will not leave you indifferent. Excellent addictive game will lead to victory, introduce people from all over the world. Game from Gameloft will give the chance to have a great time. Join the world of fierce war, exciting battles, complex strategies and experience the joy of victory.

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