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Developer: PerBlue Entertainment
Latest Version: 1.10.2 update 1 week ago
System: Android +
Cool game based on the genre of RPG - Disney Heroes: Battle Mode - will surprise and fascinate gamers from the first minutes of launch on the monitor. Install a novelty on your Android and discover a new life of famous cartoon characters in a new unusual role. Plots and characters are taken from famous animation stories of American animation studios of the world scale, such as the well-known Pixar and Disney. The latest updated version of this cartoon, but with quality turns of the game, came out in September of this year.

A toy made with an age limit suitable even for children of primary school age is nevertheless quite interesting and entertaining. Judging by the reviews of active gamers, this computer product was liked by two out of three players.
The concept of the game is a fighting game between Disney characters. In order to emerge a winner, you need to understand the essence and correctly build the strategy of the game combat process throughout the entire game period. As for tactics, it should be clear and consistent, without ignoring even the most seemingly insignificant details.

Starting the game is intriguing - from the first seconds you will find yourself in a strange and magical digital city. But all would be nothing, if not for one terrible circumstance - this city is not clean, it contains a terrible infection - destroying everyone and everything. The method of its distribution is almost impossible to track, and therefore it is very dangerous. Anyone who somehow falls under his influence begins to slowly collapse. In the game Disney Heroes: Battle Mode you will have close characters that will be on your side. And it will be a terrible test to observe how they will be destroyed by this dangerous virus.

You have no choice but to begin the fight against this all-consuming evil. You will team up with other characters and will systematically develop strategies for attacking the enemies that lead this virus. In your hands there will be a real opportunity to deploy a large-scale rescue mission, thanks to which the lives of other heroes will be saved. At that time, as the struggle and the liberation of the characters from the terrible misfortune go on, all areas of this city will be available to you. You will inspect its surroundings and study what parts it consists of. You will also find more than fifteen different characters in the game. You will have friendly relations with one of them, and you will be forced to fight against others. But after all, this is the meaning of survival, to stay alive you need to fight for your life.

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