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Category: Games
Developer: AGaming+
Latest Version: 1.04 update 3 weeks ago
System: Android 4.1+
Reporter is one of the most popular mobile horror at the moment. The atmosphere of gaming locations and unexpected sounds can scare even experienced gamers. If you think you have nerves of steel, then try installing this application on your phone and go through it. For the passage will need to apply logic and caution. Navigate through the locations and solve puzzles.

All actions take place in a remote city in which a frightening series of innocent people were killed. Each murder took place in a monstrous way and under mysterious circumstances. To find the answer to this riddle, the protagonist must study the murder sites and solve several puzzles. Do not count on help, because the police refused to participate in this event. Do not doubt, you can get to the bottom of the truth and convict the criminal!

But everything is not so simple, and the main character falls into the trap. Now he understands that the solution to the mystery can wait, because his own life is at stake. The very process of the game begins when the character wakes up in a strange abandoned house with a bunch of puzzles. Around the darkness, and only a flashlight will help navigate this frightening abyss.

Scary corridors and empty rooms, everything will scare you, but do not give up! The whole game is divided into several chapters that will tell your part of the story. Together with attempts to save themselves from imprisonment, it is necessary to look for clues to solve the murders.

Thanks to well-developed graphics, the application is perceived as a movie. In addition, you can experience the real immersion in the gameplay. There is a little advice from the developers: To experience real fear, you need to play in the dark and complete silence.

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