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Developer: Beamdog
Latest Version: update 3 weeks ago
System: Android 3.0+
Age: 16+
Size: 16 Mb
In the late 1990s, Overhaul Games set certain standards for RPGs, releasing their computer games. They are still relevant, but the company does not stand still and is engaged in the improvement of previous versions of programs. Updates have undergone and a toy called Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition. Now it has become even more interesting due to its innovations.

The essence of Baldur's Gate is like any other classic RPG. The player will have to:

  • Prepare your character;
  • Collect allies during the game, that can be useful to the player;
  • Explore new lands;
  • Search for money; < br>
  • Get out of many adventures;
  • During the game, the gamer will have to visit a huge number of locations . The locations from the previous version are no exception. For example, you need to get into the tower of Durlag and thoroughly investigate everything there.

The next adventure will be captured. In order to survive, you need to fight in the arena. Opponents here will meet a considerable amount. There will be among them mere mortals, and variegated monsters. Having defeated his rivals, the player’s character will be free again, which is why they will have to work hard in the arena.

In one of the locations, the player needs to help the monk. He is looking for his brother who is missing. You can't pass by him.

What innovations has the Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition toy undergone?

Plunging into this game, a gamer can feel nostalgia for the past by playing in the late 90s. Despite this, it is hard not to notice all the innovations that its developers brought to this application:

  • the graphic component of the application. Naturally, the graphics in this version significantly exceeds the one that was in the previous one.
  • now the gamer can dynamically scale the map.
  • permissions for fonts have become much higher than they were before the update of the toy.
  • The whole game process takes about 60 hours, plus many additions.

The uniqueness of the game Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition?

The course of events in this toy is simply impossible to predict. This is the main advantage of the mobile application. It happens that a formidable opponent can be easily and quickly defeated, and sometimes a weak-looking opponent defeats a character from the very first attack. The unpredictability of the gameplay is amazing and delays.

Experienced gamers try to survive as often as possible while playing Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition. After all, the danger can wait at every turn. Do not relax! Need every minute to be alert.

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