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Category: Games
Developer: NatGames
Latest Version: 4.4 update 1 month ago
System: Android 4.0+
A tricky test will seem to be a particularly interesting application for those players who want to temporarily distract from the often monotonous and same-type puzzles. This is really a new and interesting gameplay, with its unique implementation. The main task of the application is the development of intelligence and the ability to think and reason correctly. It is these qualities that need to be developed in order to gradually pass the gradually complicating levels of the game. If you like to constantly solve logic puzzles, complex and complicated puzzles and riddles, answer questions, then you definitely need to download this application.

A tricky test for Android offers a test of logical thinking, its step-by-step development and assessment of the degree of attention development . The application includes more than seven dozen tricky tasks and puzzles. In order to deal with them and find the right answer, you need to turn on non-standard logic and focus even on the most inconspicuous trifles. Tests are different, including manual ones, and when they are performed, you will need to shake the air with your phone or even stroke and kiss it. From the side it will look funny, but to solve another tricky task you will have to make every effort.

Awareness of the need for these actions will come gradually as you solve problems and understand the usefulness of the methods used. Many tests have pitfalls and hidden meaning, so you have to think a few times before choosing the correct answer. You need to be very attentive, not hasty and reasonable. You will need to collect your thoughts, and at each stage it is important to remember that the answer in the application may lie on the surface, but it is possible and hidden somewhere in the depths of the task. And in order to find it, you need to download the Tricky Test.

It will especially appeal to those who have already familiarized themselves with applications of this genre, for example, IdiotTest or the well-known and popular ImpossibleTest. These gaming application tests become indispensable satellites, one has only to get carried away once. The application requires to receive certain bonuses, without which it is impossible to pass some levels. Therefore, it is important to have a permanent internet connection. The program interface is clear and concise, made in a very high-quality graphic design. Be sure to play with the sound, because the music of the game is pleasant and soothing, it allows you to focus on solving problems. The main concept of the application is useful and fun spending free time.

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