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Developer: Chess Prince
Latest Version: 2.5.9 update 1 month ago
System: Android 2.3+
Chess for Android is a digital implementation of the most famous and popular worldwide board game, in which two people take part. The playing field is a marked board consisting of 64 crossed squares of two colors. The contrasting squares of white and black lie in horizontal and vertical lines of 8 pieces in each row and column. Each player receives his own set of combat pieces, which include eight pawns, a pair of knights, two rooks and bishops, as well as special figures of the king and queen. One of the participants has white pieces, the other has black ones.

The rules of the game are simple and clear, they can be found in a separate game menu. Two players take turns moving game pieces, create strategic situations and remove opponent pieces from the field. The main objective of the game is to create one of three possible situations in the end:

  • The simplest way to achieve victory in the game process is to force the opponent to refuse to continue playing from - due to a clear advantage over the figures;
  • you can try to bring the game situation to the position of the opponent's king's ability to evade or hide from enemy figures - this is called “checkmate”;
  • the situation with the lack of opportunity for one of the players to make a move any of the existing or remaining Xia on the field of your own figures is considered a draw - this position is called "Pat."

Each figure has individual abilities and characteristics, has certain rights, but also restrictions on perform actions that need to be considered when developing a strategy at each step of the game. It is important to note that according to the classical rules the right of the first move in the game is given to the participant who plays white pieces. And in subsequent rounds the loser player goes first, white pieces go to him.

Playing Chess for Android has many different features that will be pleasant both to novice players and professional chess players. In the settings menu, you can choose one of five available themes from classic to modernist. In the application, you can activate the two participants mode, but there is also an opportunity to fight against an intellectual bot-opponent, whose skill is configured at 7 different difficulty levels.

The main advantage of the game is a pleasant realistic graphic representation, musical arrangement, allowing you to concentrate on the game and other game settings. In single player mode, the opponent plays very confidently even at the minimum difficulty settings, so the game is not devoid of meaning and every fight is very entertaining.

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