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Category: Games
Developer: Infinite Dreams
Latest Version: 1.42 update 1 week ago
System: Android +
Age: 3+
Size: 73.37 Mb
The game Crazy Dino Park, with a large number of amazing finds, will appeal to every lover of the unknown and a person who is keenly interested in science (especially archeology). The application will allow each user to directly participate in unique excavations. You have to find the constituent parts of the most ancient inhabitants of the planet - dinosaurs! On the research mission you can find the remains in the form of the bones of these amazing creatures. Then all the assembled parts should be correctly assembled into a single chain, which will allow you to see the silhouette of an ancient lizard, which was of enormous size. A feature of the game is a unique opportunity. The assembled dinosaur skeleton will give you the opportunity to revive the individual!

In the application you will have to organize your own park, where the rarest and oldest representatives of the animal world will be collected. You can be the first person in the world to give a second life or resurrect dinosaurs again. In a unique place, they will be able to live, eat, multiply and make happy with their existence many people.

With the passage of each of the stages, it becomes possible to expand the territories of the reserve. In the new lands you have to expand the population of existing species and engage in the breeding of new, still unknown to the world types.

To take advantage of all the benefits that the game is rich in, the user will have to solve many fascinating tasks and puzzles. Here you will need: ingenuity, observation, intelligence and logic. To achieve the goals you need to carry out many excavations, in which to find many valuable finds. In the future, they will help in the development of your own park and bring new exhibits into it. Your task will be to develop a unique habitat for dinosaurs - a huge park. You have to expand its territory, equip animal enclosures, build impressive objects and decorate existing buildings. Particular attention should be paid to the pens, which will be inhabited by huge dinosaurs. They should stay in comfortable conditions in order to be in good spirits and not scare a large number of visitors. After all, the overall success of your business depends on the number of guests of the nursery.

If you are ready to build the most amazing, beautiful and unusual place on Earth, then quickly download the app! It is available to all users and is absolutely free. Any device running on the Android operating system will help you become the owner of the most unique representatives of the animal world.
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