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Developer: ONE App Team
Latest Version: 1.7.6 update 4 months ago
System: Android 4.4+
Create an interesting selfie that will not be as usual as that of all users, using Face Filter, Selfie Editor - Sweet Camera. (Selfie camera - filter, photo editor, photo effects) The application allows you to create high-quality selfie in seconds. The application itself, as a photo editor, has a number of interesting functions that can be described as follows:

  • Saving. All applications are saved in a special gallery album. Search for photos to the user, throughout the smartphone is not necessary. Please note, you need to take a selfie immediately when the user uses the application. Older photos are not from the app; editions are not amenable
  • Filters. The choice of filters is huge. Characterized by this set of filters, the fact that they can be classified as "alive". In other words, if you want to stick hearts around yourself, they will move. By the way, sets of live filters can be updated regularly. In the application, for this you need to install the corresponding function
  • Change the shape of the body and cheekbones. Make a fat or thin face, you can use the application Face Filter, Selfie Editor - Sweet Camer. Even expressing your cheekbones in a photo, in natural interpretation, will be a very simple task for users.
  • Do your makeup. For girls, right in the application you can do a virtual make-up. Any woman can feel like a striking beauty, even if she is not at her best
  • Change your hairstyles. Lush hair, bald spots and other effects will allow you to change the hairstyle in the way that the user wants. Choose from various options, the type of hairstyle that is most interesting in the application
  • There is no noise. The app makes no noise. Therefore, it is proposed to take photos from the front camera, without disturbing any of the people around.


The application has a simple design. Therefore, even without knowledge of languages, with just a click, you can understand what a certain action will mean.

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