Granny for Android

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Category: Games
Developer: DVloper
Latest Version: 1.7.3 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.1+
The main character of the terrible story Granny is not one of those who came to visit his granny, and the grandmother is not God's dandelion. The whole horror begins with the fact that the main character wakes up on a bed in the house of an incomprehensible distraught old woman who is so dangerous and bloodthirsty that she is ready to take his life at any second. Playing for the main character, you have to get out of the house nasty grandmother to stay safe and sound. It takes only five days, i.e. There are only five chances to escape from the old witch. An old woman's house is no less terrible than her whole appearance. Grandma, as if mocking you, setting up his treacherous traps everywhere, having got into that, you will have to, oh, how difficult. The old hag reacts literally to every sound and rustle, so you need to act not only prudently, but also silently, otherwise it will immediately come running and nail you. To get out of the accursed house of a mad Granny, you have to explore all the nooks and rooms covered with darkness, where not only an evil granny is hiding, but also the items necessary for you, which are necessary for the release from this terrifying captivity. like a guard dog, always alert. Any your careless gesture and rustle attracts her like a magnet. Rather, she rushes to smash your head with her baseball bat. It is important to act carefully, slowly, look around carefully so that something does not overturn and not to thunder. If we already rattled, then we need to quickly find shelter and hide from the grandmothers (for example, in the closet). Looking around the house, finding useful inventory, you approach your goal - to escape from a terrible grandmother's trap, to open the ill-fated door, on which you first need to disable the alarm system. Many intriguing and tense moments await you in the mysterious labyrinths of granny rooms. Tireless grandmother is always happy to guests, so she prepared for them more dangerous traps. Be extremely concentrated and vigilant, do not let fear beat you. Remember that there are only five chances to be saved and stay alive. The main thing is not to hurry, but it is also impossible to hesitate too much, because an implacable old woman does not sleep!
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