Prey Day: Survival - Craft & Zombie for Android

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Category: Games
Developer: Pragmatix
Latest Version: 1.83 update 1 month ago
System: Android 4.1+
Age: 12+
Size: 94.82 Mb + 94.82 Mb
Prey Day: Survival - Craft & amp; Zombie is a game that belongs to the category of combat shooters and online strategies. The plot of the game, such. Countless zombies roam the Earth. At one fine moment, everything will be destroyed by them once and for all, but you can still fight for peace. All this can be done with the help of survivors. It is for one of the survivors that the player will have to play.

The main character should wander around the city and control the population of zombies. The player will have to reduce the zombie population so that they do not completely capture the city:

  • Walk through the locations and find a weapon. Weapons can be found in gun shops. In addition, the player needs ammunition and medicines. It is also necessary to look for players, passing through the barriers that are represented by zombies;
  • Fight with zombies. It is proposed to fight in a battle with zombies in two options: shoot a weapon or fight with your fists. Some rivals have great power. Therefore, you can lose the gaming life. It is measured by a stripe;
  • Join clans. To fight against zombies, you must join the clans. It is proposed to make players during the game. Together with his colleagues, shoot zombies will be much faster. But we must be wary of clan partners. If a zombie bit him, then he is definitely not a friend to the player;
  • Locations. There is for users, a lot of different locations. The player can try himself in each. It is proposed to fight with zombies enemies, not only on the street, but also in homes. Danger can jump out from different sides;
  • Skills. In battles with zombies, the player gains skills. This is measured by game levels, in the form of a yellow bar. The longer this band, the more skills a player receives during his battles. At the same time, one more important fact should be taken into account;
  • Enemies with increasing levels will become stronger and stronger.


There is quite good control in the game (especially if you play using a tablet). Presented, all this management simple touchscreen. It looks like this:

  • Cursor. Allows you to control the movement of players, right and left;
  • Hand. With the help of a hand, it will be possible to repel zombies, at the time of the struggle, thus bringing damage.
  • Fist. Designed for tough action. The character stands up in the rack and hits the zombie until his life line runs out.


All graphics, originally thought out in the game. The norms of devastation and apocalypse are observed in the appropriate game proportions.

Download Prey Day: Survival - Craft & Zombie

Installation game with cache:
  1. download apk and archive (with OBB) files;
  2. cache for the game unzip the archive folder into /sdcard/android/obb/
  3. install apk;
  4. launch the game.
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