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Category: Games
Developer: PlayWay SA
Latest Version: 1.1.12 update 4 months ago
System: Android 4.4+
Age: 3+
Size: 82 Mb
Car Mechanic Simulator 18 Many cars are in this world, in a broken state. Each of these machines will need repair. It should be well done, because we are not to blame for the fact that cars are destroyed by time. At all times, drivers turned for help to auto mechanics. We offer to play Car Mechanic Simulator 18 to dive into the world of car repair. Even from the simplest car, it will be possible to make a candy and sell successfully in seconds.

What to do in the game?

  • Choose a garage with old cars. There are a lot of garages in which rare and unmanaged cars are stored. Here, the player will have to look at the proposals that are in the game in order to choose a car that can be fixed. On the first purchase of a car, the driver will have money. As soon as the car is bought, the mechanic takes it to the auto repair
  • Repair old cars. From the mechanic, it is required to repair old cars, bringing them to a new state. What is to be done for such purposes, drivers do? Replace the old body, new, remove rust, which remains on the metal. In the game, players still have to, repair the engine, brake transmission system, adjust the pads, replace the spark. It takes a long way to get your car in good working order.
  • Sell cars. Finished cars can be sold to other drivers. Believe for such rarities, will give a lot of money to buyers. This will allow you to buy more old cars and spare parts for further recovery of vehicles.

Are there many cars?

Yes, there are a lot of vehicles. You can choose cars on the big map, making deals with buyers. If the player connects updates to the game, then the number of vehicles will constantly increase.

Graphics in the game

Everything is done, realistic. Relatively reminiscent of a computer game. Well-traced characters, skillfully inserted video series in the game, allow you to feel the player, in reality, a cool car mechanic who can do anything. In order for the graphics to work properly, you need to use an average performance smartphone.

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