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Developer: Small Giant Games
Latest Version: 22.0.0 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.4+
This game is an intriguing mix of the two most popular genres: role-playing and puzzles with mechanics 3 in a row. If you are interested, then it's time to download Empires & amp; Puzzles: RPG Quest and join the large-scale battle. The game has a lot of different tasks that will not let you get bored. There is also a multiplayer mode in which you can take part and fight with many strongest players. The game really fascinates, moreover, it is breathtaking and does not get bored until it is completely passed and studied. The big bestiary of the game and difficult, fascinating battles can only cause positive emotions and impressions. Each battle in this game is unique, there are many opponents, and besides, there is an opportunity to make beautiful combinations. The game has an interesting story, which is served in the form of small scenes between missions. Your main task will be to develop your citadel and protect it from dark forces. With some effort, you can build an impregnable fortress, place towers with arrows on it, and enemy units will not have a chance.

The game has more than a hundred different heroes, each of which is unique and interesting in its own way. Gather from them a group of adventurers, who are destined to rid the land of the invaders. Use different units, make strong combinations of the warriors, because the war is really big. Millions of players around the world are already developing their strongholds and with each of them you can measure strength. Agree, with real people always compete with much more interesting than with bots. In the process of passing the game you will need to improve and develop both your fortress and your characters, so as not to get lost against the background of other players. But do not think that it will be easy. In order to defeat the Titans, you will have to try hard to combine all the forces and power into one attacking fist. I would also like to note the graphic component of the game - it is made at a very high level, as in other things, and the gameplay.

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