Stormfall: Saga of Survival for Android

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Developer: Plarium Global Ltd
Latest Version: 1.14.1 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.1+
Age: 16+
Size: 102.59 Mb
Stormfall: Saga of Survival is a classic MMO-RPG for Android devices. Feel like the Lord Apostate of the Stormfall Kingdom, driven into the wilds after a coup d'état and a change of power.

Build shelters and caches, forge weapons and armor, fight wild animals, gangsters, deadly monsters or others Reverse lords, and do everything to survive in the harsh wild lands of the Stormfall kingdom.

Stormfall Gameplay: Saga of Survival

  • Create a unique hero-Lord, customize his appearance and select preferred initial skills;
  • Look around the neighborhood where you were driven out - find and clear a place for a future refuge;
  • Get the necessary natural resources to build, and build a shelter so that you can rest and craft;
  • Create a primitive weapon and armor to repel the attacks of wild animals , gangsters, deadly monsters and other Lords of apostates;
  • Create primitive tools of labor to extract resources that need processing;
  • Build a stove, carpentry workbench, stone crusher and other tools needed to process resources;
  • Improve your shelter with recycled resources;
  • Forge more advanced armor and weapons to increase your chances of winning battles;
  • Level up your hero-Lord, develop the main branch of his skills, while not forgetting about secondary skills;
  • Explore the world around you, create caches, plunge your enemies on your way, cooperate for mutual help with d friendly-minded renegade lords and do everything you need to survive in the harsh wild lands of the Stormfall kingdom.

MMO-RPG Features

  • Construction simulator, MMO-RPG and full story saga;
  • Customization of character’s appearance and skills;
  • The need for continuous improvement of shelter and skills - over time, you will be attacked by more and more deadly enemies;
  • Fully animated, three-dimensional graphics from the top;
  • Lord’s extensive skill pumping system;
  • Ability to cooperate with other players;
  • < li> Dozens of types of resources and production tools;
  • Hundreds of types of weapons and equipment, each of which can be crafted;
  • Dynamic music.


  • Part in-game content is provided for a fee (donate);
  • Integrated ad inserts.

Download Stormfall: Saga of Survival

Installation game with cache:
  1. download apk and archive (with OBB) files;
  2. cache for the game unzip the archive folder into /sdcard/android/obb/com.pacific.wildlands/
  3. install apk;
  4. launch the game.
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