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Category: Games
Developer: Jesse Makkonen
Latest Version: 2.1 update 2 weeks ago
System: Android 4.0+
In the center of the plot DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror is the character of a young guy. He works in a company that is engaged in knocking out debts from citizens. Using his position and exceeding his authority, the young man committed a crime. By fraud, he managed to appropriate all the property of one elderly lady. However, no crimes in the world go unpunished.

The guy has to go through many terrible events. Pangs of conscience will pursue the criminal until he realizes the full horror of his act. Continuing to work, he finds himself in different rooms, where he begins to see strange things. Then he becomes a hostage of the mansion. Here he has to wander around the gloomy, dark, terrifying house, where many different creatures dwell.

A young man must overcome himself, realize his mistakes and find a way out of the creepy haven of dark inhabitants. Here you must come to the aid of the lost soul. Help the guy overcome all the challenges. You will need to: go along with him through the dark corridors, solve riddles that will appear on the way and solve complex puzzles in order to get out of the terrible darkness. You have to get into the gloomy rooms, where evil creatures are already waiting, who will try to detain you in every possible way. You should not give in to the tricks of gloomy individuals and go through all the trials as quickly as possible so as not to become a victim of these horrible individuals. Manage his actions, move in space and interact with all surrounding objects.

The game has a special frightening atmosphere, which both fascinates and attracts again. The application has a non-standard plot, relevant captions and an excellent soundtrack, which helps to fully plunge into the gloomy events of the life of a young guy.

The game has several features:

  • Non-standard and fascinating story;
  • Atmospheric sound effects;
  • Intriguing tasks and engaging puzzles;
  • Easy control.

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