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Category: Games
Developer: Martin Magni
Latest Version: 1.1 update 1 month ago
System: Android 2.3.3+
Mekorama is an exciting puzzle game with a simple storyline and easy control. It is necessary to carry out a small robot on a certain path from the starting point to the top of the tower or pyramid. This arcade game was created by Martin Magny and has been very popular for a long time. Using logical thinking, you can confidently move the robot further and achieve the cherished goal.

At the same time, a tiny robot will travel through the intricate mazes of various architectural structures. Which sometimes have a very complex structure. Fifty levels of fascinating puzzles are waiting for everyone who starts a journey with a robot. All that needs to be done is to reach the top by overcoming certain obstacles on the way. And if you find the right direction and do not go astray, you can quickly get to the final point. All locations consist of similar blocks, but each level has its own paths that do not repeat.

On its way, the character will encounter a variety of mechanisms, steps, bridges, platforms that rotate and change direction. With these designs, you need to competently interact to reach the final point. It will be necessary not only to rotate these or those structures, but also to swap their individual elements.

Among the features of the game, you can point out a rather convenient level builder, using which the user can create new fascinating locations, load certain diagrams using This different materials, among which mechanisms, stones, grass. You just need to touch the object and it will be added.

Mekorama is able to compete with many famous games of this genre, including Monument Valley. There is no pop-up advertisement or donation in the game. Gameplay is extremely simple and straightforward.

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