The Walking Dead: Our World for Android

God Mode/No Struggle
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Category: Games
Developer: Next Games
Latest Version: update 1 month ago
System: Android 5.0+
Age: 16+
Size: 101.19 Mb
At The Walking Dead: Our World, you'll spend leisure time on other worlds, fighting against different monsters and zombies.

The concept of the game is very deep and extremely exciting. Just imagine, you are in the center of universal evil and darkness, and around you are thundering and very creepy monsters. That's really the format is not for the faint of heart. In the game you will be able to travel along the line of a sharp and dynamic plot, killing various enemies and zombies on your long and ambiguous path. Kill as many of these terrible objects of evil as possible. The zombie apocalypse game will capture all your attention for a long time.

The game's plot is as close to reality as possible, despite the fantastic nature of the characters. The toy is very exciting and really dynamic. If you begin to play a similar game, then know that there are moments of a mad apocalypse ahead of you. You will be surrounded by real troops of dark and dangerous zombies. Connect the game The Walking Dead: Our world, enter the online mode, and then find yourself among the hell outraged corpses. Your location can be easily traced - know this and behave very carefully. Remember: there are enemies around! You must destroy all the evil that you will meet on the game path. Insane monsters and dead, one after another, will pull their claws towards you, but you must learn to give this abomination a fitting rebuff, otherwise you simply cannot survive.

The game has several levels of reality. You can fight on any of them. For example, you can suddenly find yourself in the middle of a city street, and you will have to fight back from the corpses falling on you. But remember, wherever you kill this evil, you will be very funny and interesting to pass the levels of the game The Walking Dead: Our World.

In the game there are characters from the legendary world-wide "Walking Dead". You probably remember this exciting television series. Choose a character to your liking and enjoy the gameplay.

From the very beginning of the game, be engaged in starting and exploring the features of this new world in detail. Watch the behavior of zombies, calculate their weak points, believe me, they are also present in monsters! Mark those special locations where you met the most unusual monsters. Let other players who can see your way about the location of such damned forces.

The toy is great for boys, teenagers aged 15-16 and above. An excellent feature of the game is the availability of a version in Russian.
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