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Category: Games
Developer: DrukHigh
Latest Version: 1.1.126 update 4 months ago
System: Android 4.1+
Bumbam Fighters - Puzzle RPG is a smart card strategy game. At the moment, it is difficult to determine the genre, which did not have to dock with the collection card concept. Perhaps only Battle Royale can be cited as an example. We present another similar project, the developers of which in any way aspired to create something original.

"Boom-bam fighters" can be characterized as a marginal group, in which society’s dregs and idlers aspiring to good deeds. For example, they coolly deal with all evil spirits. The fact that they hunt only evil spirits guarding all kinds of treasures and different nishtyaki makes them famous heroes. We have to collect character cards for the compilation of them combat-ready squad, clearing dungeons or towers. Each stage has a number of corridors and rooms with enemies. The fighter who is there proceeds to clean up the space, trying not only to survive but also to grab a collection of limbs with him. The task includes cleaning the entire floor.

We have to properly distribute the soldiers in classes. There are three of them here, and they attack each other in a circle. Fighters in the lobby need to be improved, get new cards and stuff. Whambam Warriors has a peculiar style that doesn’t particularly catch on. However, the appearance is at least original, when compared with other card collection strategies.

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