Prison Break: Lockdown (Free) for Android

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Category: Games
Developer: Amphibious Games
Latest Version: 3.2 update 1 month ago
System: Android 4.1+
Prison Break is an exciting puzzle game from the well-known company Amphibius Developers. The player will need to escape from the most secure prison in the world.

Your character was sentenced to death for a particularly serious crime, but he did not commit it. At the same time, the real criminal is known and in order to prove his innocence you need to catch him. And for this you need to escape from prison.

To escape, you need to solve many difficult puzzles, find hidden objects, manipulate guards and other prisoners. For this you need to apply all your skills, logical thinking and intuition. We must do everything possible to escape from prison. After all, only in this case it will turn out to expose the real criminal. It is not so easy to get out of a well-guarded prison, you need to explore the kilometers of ceilings and walls to find the weakest points and come up with an escape plan. You will also need to use a lot of different things at hand. It is possible that physical strength is also required, because the guards are always on the alert and need to be stunned. And other prisoners should not get in the way of your plans should receive a reward.

The storyline begins from the moment you are in the chamber, from which you want to escape and move on. It is worth noting that even the first level is not so easy. And there are more challenges ahead. With one camera, you get to the next one, while finding a way out is harder. The game has a good background music, thematic leveling.


  • Fascinating story;
  • Lots of hidden objects, doors, keys, locks;
  • Fascinating puzzles;
  • Great sound effects;
  • The presence of mini-puzzles;
  • Different themed rooms;
  • Good graphics;
  • Easy to use.

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