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Developer: GameResort
Latest Version: 1.5.1 update 2 days ago
System: Android 4.1+
Gameplay from GameResort studio, has long established itself as an interesting and exciting product. Their game story Stupid Zombies, about the dead who have risen from their graves, without a doubt, has become a win-win project. It is because of the desire of gamers, again and again to open and pass this toy, and the creators made a quick decision on its continuation. The developers of the first version have worked, and have already released into the game space - Stupid Zombies 2 for android! In this new version, it will be possible to evaluate the new character that has appeared in it, and multiple changes. Progress is noticeable not only in the technical, but also in the plot plan! Such toys show that with each new project the mobile world becomes more perfect!

In Stupid Zombies 2, the original one that has become their own classic has remained - bullets always ricoche off the walls, and the supply of ammunition is on limitation, it is not infinite. In the game, you need to be able to build a career as a real strategist: the first to be destroyed are the farthest targets, and then to deal with the weakest zombies, and at the end to fight with the strongest. Only in this way can you successfully overcome the levels in this game. And this will help and special locations that come to the rescue in the most difficult and tense moment. Here you can start a mechanism that will massively destroy a whole group of zombies, a blown-up tank with gasoline will act in the same way, you can drop a detail on the heads of the dead of enormous size - such methods will always be useful and should be used for your own purposes.

The game has six hundred levels, passing which you can not notice the very course of time. What was expected and even more this will be in Stupid Zombies 2, hurry to make sure of it!

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