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Category: Games
Developer: GCenter
Latest Version: 2.4.14 update 2 months ago
System: Android 4.1+
Age: 7+
Size: 93.8 Mb
The Defense Legend 3: Future War game will give players a new experience and provide an opportunity to plunge again into the world of battles and defense of the territory. According to the storyline, at the end of the second part of the application, the forces of evil were defeated, but some of them escaped and are now preparing for a new attack. Therefore, it will be necessary to confront stronger enemies who now have more advanced capabilities. The third part of the game presents new features, such as more diverse weapons, numerous maps, Superheroes.

Among the features of the application, it is worth noting a combination of genres, directly role-playing game and the construction of tactical protection. The player in the role of army commander needs to develop an effective strategy, after which he will fight with the enemies. In the tactical genre, the main difference Defense Legend 3: Future War are Superheroes. Also constantly updated weapons, giving players new opportunities to develop strategies. At the same time, the forces of evil also develop their heroes, therefore it is necessary to possess enormous strength and skills in order to win.

It is impossible to win a victory without special weapons, among which:

  • LDC-055-G3 is a third-generation mine. This weapon provides support during the confrontation of a large army;
  • UXO-W-II is a sound wave bomb, while updating more powerfully. rather than earlier, creating quite wide sound waves;
  • IA-III - this is an ice wave freezing the enemies for a while;
  • BF1-III is a third-generation BF1 combat equipment complex, including five fighters for transporting bombs;
  • < ! - dle_li ->
  • Hellfire Area II destroys everything in its path;
  • Supergun-FII - gun with warhead has a destructive effect;
  • WR-II is a weapon equipped with a spiral wheel;
  • ABS-II of incredible power weapons created by an army of righteous people.

The new version of the game provides the ability conduct battles on various maps, for example, in the desert, among mountains or on a glacier. This allows you to use certain tactics with regard to the terrain. Also, more opportunities are provided for defensive strategy, while defending with towers.

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