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Developer: Creative Mobile
Latest Version: 1.7.81 update 1 month ago
System: Android 4.1+
Drag Racing Classic is a legendary racing arcade game based on dozens of games from the Drag Racing and Creative Mobile series. An open universe, a huge selection of cars and a variety of tracks are already waiting for their users! The game features more than 50 cars of different brands and capacities. Collect your collection and test it on the track. To raise the level of rivalry among the players, the Wall of Fame was created, where the best racers of the planet are shown. Do not miss your opportunity to take a place among them.

Challenge other riders online and show them who the real king of roads is. For each victory will be awarded prizes and new parts to improve transport. The PRO League is held periodically in which everyone can participate. The prizes depend on the difficulty of the track or the competition.

Large selection of cars
Probably every driver dreamed of feeling like driving a 1000 hp sports car. Everything is possible in this game! Overtake rivals and come to the finish line first, or take part in the race of the year with the best riders in the world. For fans of offline mode, special tracks and prizes were created, so no one will be bored.

Real opponents
No matter how it is, but real excitement and drive can only be experienced online a mode where real people are rivals.

Club Wars
On top of everything else, there is the possibility of writing to racers associations. Each team can take part in the struggle for leadership in the standings. For communication and communication server chat is available. All winners are displayed on the general table of glory.

Variety of upgrades
Everyone loves classics, but it is much more pleasant to pump cars. The new version of Drag Racing has been redesigned system upgrades. For modification can be used a variety of parts and elements.

What is under the hood?
Do you adore cars and dream of a large collection in your garage? Then this game is perfect for you. Here is everything that a motorist will like. Try to find a middle ground between clutch and gas to win races. Delve into the structure of your car, and then he will not let you down even in the most difficult races. Yes, and do not forget about the basis of racing, namely nitro.

Excellent community
Despite its popularity, Drag Racing has a friendly community. There are diverse communities in all social networks.

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