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Category: Games
Developer: BUNKERim Studio
Latest Version: 2.42 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.1+
Dungeon Chronicle is a game that has many similarities with the legendary RPG called Diablo, so the novelty has every chance to gain fame for everyone’s favorite game. Because of which? There are many reasons, firstly, it surpasses the old game in terms of graphics and has pleasant controls, secondly, the game has a huge fantastic world and many options for upgrading the main character. In the open spaces of the game world, the user will not be able to choose an already prepared hero, but it will be possible to create a unique character. reputation. You will have to win battles with the most dangerous monsters, as well as their masters, whose strength will increase as you progress through. You are waiting for dangerous surprises, the passage of which is on the shoulder only for the real hero. And now let's talk about the maximum acceleration of development.

This game is role-playing, and in every game of this genre, the modernization of the main character is the primary goal. In the Dungeon Chronicle you can improve your character in many ways. As you increase your experience, the hero will receive new talents, and after earning resources, he will have the opportunity to acquire new skins. As in the original Diablo, in this game there is always something to do, in consequence of which the player will not be able to get bored.

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