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Developer: 2K, Inc.
Latest Version: 52.0.1 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.3+
Fans of basketball battles, especially on android devices, will appreciate such a sports game as NBA 2K19. This basketball simulator will allow you to do everything possible so that the user achieves success in the sports field. You can start with the most simple and inconspicuous team, or you can choose a strong team and unleash it all higher. Please note that all athletes and teams in the NBA 2K19 game are real. They can be found in real basketball competitions.

How to play?

Before you start playing, you should pay attention to the small features that are present in the game:

Graphics. Game graphics, thought out to the smallest detail. These are not just 2D images, but real 3D objects. Different angles will allow you to build a sports strategy for passing the ball and circumventing your opponents;
Music. During the match, the tracks of the most famous rappers will play;
Training mode. For all the athletes were in shape, they should be trained. This improves the player's skill when performing at real competitions;
Buy athletes. The user has a cash balance, which will require financial operations with other teams. You can buy new athletes, or even take another team and do it. All the stars of modern basketball will also be available for purchase.

How to keep track of achievements?

In NBA 2K19, using the “My Career” section, you are invited to follow all the progress made by team players. The user has the ability to manage not one, a certain command, but several at once. In offline mode, you can improve the reputation of each team separately.

Which team to choose?

The game features many clubs. The chosen team has abilities that others do not have. In each team, there is a certain skill. For example, if a player decides to play for The Bulls, he will get a power game in which most of the controlled basketball team is aimed at attacking. In turn, if the choice falls on the team "Boston Celtics", the player will receive a team that has more guidance on defense than on attack. The game will depend more on the chosen team, and only then on the players added to it.

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