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Latest Version: 1.0.38 update 1 month ago
System: Android +
The main and only goal of the player in the game Deadly invasion: survival - is to save the life of the character, at any cost. On earth, an apocalypse reigns, crowds of angry zombies are trying to devour everyone who is still alive. It seems that life in this damned world is just an extraordinary gift. It’s not so easy to save the rest of humanity from the impending threat, try to do it in the city overrun by a zombie.

The main character tries to survive in the city of fear and darkness, where there is practically no hope of salvation. Around the most dangerous virus hovers, ready to hit with lightning only a single bite of bloodthirsty zombies. You can not relax for a second, otherwise the war will be lost. Constantly it is necessary to replenish the set of their ammunition, to improve their uniforms in order to be invulnerable in front of sinister and terrible creatures. Relentlessly looking for fresh blood, corpses staggering throughout the city are so dangerous and numerous that they can never be allowed close to them. All the time to be on the alert - this is the key to successfully overcoming all obstacles. Looking around, destroying the dead creatures in the hundreds, moving from one location to another, do not forget about the replenishment of weapons stocks, because it is vital. Of the survivors, you need to collect your squad to mercilessly kill as many disgusting dead creatures as possible. To succeed, the team must be united, standing behind each other by a mountain, try to free the city from predatory corpses and bring life back to it.

The precious resources your backpack has to fill to capacity is the only way to survive a city that has turned into a complete hell. Do not miss a chance to replenish your supply, always carefully examine everything, do not forget about drinking and products that will help restore energy. Every day more and more perfect your weapon, making it powerful and reliable. When there are no bullets, extinguish the zombies with their fists, avoiding bites, otherwise serum will be urgently needed. Do not give up, go to the bitter end, and the excellent graphics of the gameplay and a fascinating story will help you to cope with all obstacles and get the true and unforgettable pleasure from the game.

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