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Developer: gameone
Latest Version: 10.6.3968 update 1 month ago
System: Android 4.0.3+
Mad Cook is a game that will help you to feel like a real cooking genius. The user will become a cook in several places at once. Dozens of visitors come to each of them every day who want to eat tasty and fast. Your task is to feed them on time and raise the mood for the whole day! Manage the institution is not very simple. It is necessary to monitor the purity, the number of blanks, the mood of visitors and at the same time have time to earn. Initially, at your disposal will be simpler places: fast foods, small cafes or pizzeria. Each institution has its own characteristics and subtleties in the process of preparing the main dishes.

The first institution is the simplest. To prepare dishes using common products and standard equipment. During the game, the institution is visited by a huge number of customers. Thanks to each of them, you are gaining the necessary experience and skills. Also very satisfied visitors leave a decent tip. After each stage you will receive a reward, depending on its success: the corresponding number of stars and bonus points. All the money earned can be used to improve the kitchen equipment or to refine the design of the cafe. After the first establishment reaches the peak of its popularity, you have the opportunity to try yourself in another business - a gourmet restaurant or a nightclub.

Each establishment has a special charm and unique menu. Here you can learn how to make various dishes: delicious sandwiches, hearty meals, sweet desserts and delicious cocktails. So you can try non-standard recipes of various burgers and meat dishes or prepare a sweet and sour drink that will appeal to every visitor.

In this game you must remember that you are a real chef who serves not only the cooking dishes, but also completely controls the establishment. All responsibility lies on your shoulders. Only you can choose the interior for a cafe, beautifully arrange the dish and give pleasure to everyone who comes to eat deliciously. The faster you work, the more funds you will be able to collect. Thanks to them, the institution will get better and better.


  • Simple and intuitive management;
  • Interesting and unusual interiors of institutions;
  • The possibility of improving and modifying objects ( both institutions and work equipment);
  • Availability of various additional elements (elegant jewelry).

A unique game will become an exciting and rewarding activity that will teach not only tasty cooking, but also be aware of the responsibility for each act.
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