Off-Road Travel: 4wd SUVs ride to hill for Android

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Developer: F-Game Studio
Latest Version: 1.934 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.1+
This application is created for all fans of dirty and powerful cars. Four-wheel drive and the roar of the engine in areas with impassable landscape - a fascinating sight. Reaching the finish will not be easy, but the simulator Off-Road Travel: 4x4 Ride to Hill fell in love with users from all over the world not for ease of passage. Enough to enter the race and distract from the process will not work. Indeed, the game has many different locations and several dozen modes of transport.

Gameplay Features

Each track is a set of all kinds of obstacles. Steep slopes, high hills, off-road and sand mounds, mud and deep moats. We have to concentrate as much as possible on driving. Any wrong step can be fatal: the car will turn over or will not be able to continue the journey due to the fact that the wheels have loaded into the swamp swamp.

Fuel barrels will be placed on the way to help achieve better results. Other players are not asleep and are able to show a class even on the most difficult sections. To win you need not only to choose the right type of car, but also to develop the necessary driving skills. In order to upgrade, you can improve some characteristics of SUVs. For example, it is necessary to change tires, put other wheels, increase engine power and winch power.

Advantages of the game:

  • Realistic physics of car behavior on the road.
  • Multi-user mode support.
  • Well-developed graphic part and many maps for passing.
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  • Pavement for every taste: dry and blurred soil, snow, sand, stones.

Developers F-Game We tried to make the process as entertaining as possible by complementing the beautiful and believable graphics with a multitude of tiny details. Objects flying in all directions, weather effects, beautiful landscapes, soft shadows and breathtaking jumps. With a fun country music accompaniment, you can spend a lot of fun in your free time.

The player will be able to drive a jeep with huge wheels, an off-road vehicle, a truck, a buggy, a pickup truck, and even steer a tractor. Daily missions and a number of unique landscape types are available. Asphalt roads are also found, but this is rather an exception to the rule. After all, the real adventure is not a boring ride on the highway, but rather overcoming the gaps impossible at first sight. To conquer the top of the rating, it is enough to start the engine of your pumped monster and complete the level to the end without crashes.

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