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Developer: Candy Mobile
Latest Version: 1.7 update 1 week ago
System: Android +
The game about the Wild West, called West Gunfighter, takes you to the world of cowboy adventures, where every day can be like the last. To find justice, to become an influential hero in the game, you should kill your rivals. For the player, will be pursued, both by the soldiers and by the bandits. In any case, it is necessary to preserve the reputation of a responsible fighter, who has a lot of strength to snatch victory in the game. Be a loner. Do not trust your enemies. Just shoot them.

What a cowboy can do:

  • Visit dangerous locations. In the game, there are mysterious caves. In some of them, entry for novice players is closed. After all, to enter this cave, you must fight with its mysterious inhabitants. For this, you need to have a good ammunition.
  • Change clothes. There are 8 real cowboy costumes. Players are encouraged to combine them, dressing the main character in the costume, which is more convenient. Here, cowboy style, will never go out of fashion.
  • Play gambling. If a cowboy does not want to complete tasks, you can look to the nearest bar to play board games. West Gunfighter mini-games feature blackjack and darts.
  • Visit stores. You are invited to visit gun shops to buy ammunition . If you have money, then buy something interesting.
  • Shoot duels. If a cowboy, disgraced your honor before people then announce him a duel. Take a gun and start shooting at your rivals. In these fair disputes, you can play as entertainment, like blackjack or darts.
  • Navigate through locations. Landscapes in the game are changeable . In the course of missions, you can move around the neighboring towns and ranches. You can use a horse for this. This animal will become the only means of transportation in the Wild West.

In the game, there are weapons, represented mainly by vintage models from the Wild West. In the course of events in the game, it is proposed to reveal more and more types of weapons. The maximum number of available options reaches 20 pieces. It is proposed to take revolvers, shotguns and shotguns. And if you want to get sharp emotions, you can use a simple knife.
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