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Category: Games
Developer: wawagame
Latest Version: 2.5.9 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.1+
Brainzzz is a collection of puzzle-style toys. Here you can play both simple puzzles and solve complex logic tasks that develop brain activity and thinking skills. Thanks to this, the application can be considered an excellent brain trainer.

Brainzzz includes these types of puzzles:

  • Classic Sudoku, which provides for filling fields with numbers;
  • Connecting the dots - the name speaks for itself, because the player needs to combine the dots by passing each cell once, thereby filling the playing field;
  • Snake - the player needs to run along the appeared figure with the specified number of cells;
  • Tangram - offers to make a mosaic in the form of patterns, silhouettes, pr of fauna from cut figures;
  • Drawing with one line - there is only one line that needs to circle around the obstacles, without missing a single one;
  • One line - there are several points that you need to connect with lines passing through certain areas once and fill the entire playing field.

The choice of the player presents several modes, each of which provides about 7 levels of complexity. Depending on the preferred level, the player will be offered several dozen exercises for each mode. Anyone who can get through Brainzzz from beginning to end can deservedly be called a brainstorm guru.

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