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Category: Games
Developer: mobirix
Latest Version: 1.2.3 update 4 months ago
System: Android 4.1+
Hit and Knockdown is a challenging, but very interesting arcade puzzle game based on the laws of physics. Try it and you will definitely like the game. From the user is required to knock the banks with balls. Naturally, the most accurate wins.

Take the ball, then aim at the banks to ensure an accurate hit. The more goals you hit, the better. Gradually you move from one level to another, collecting as many points as possible. Collect points and try to completely clear the field. Naturally, with each new level the complexity increases, you have to use all your skills. You can play in several modes to win more awards. For example, if you have trained enough, you can try to play with a limit on the number of strikes on the ball. For real masters, there is a particularly difficult mode with a time limit on the game.

In addition, by playing Hit and Knockdown, you can shoot down fruits, parachutes, folders and other items. There is something to choose here, so the application does not bother. In addition, you have the opportunity to choose a weapon for "shooting". Which is better: a baseball or a billiard ball? Or maybe use a special plate? Naturally, the harder the object, the more likely to knock down the dishes. The game has a multiplayer mode, so you can compete with random players or have a match with friends.
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