Zombie Strike : The Last War of Idle Battle (SRPG) for Android

Icon Zombie Strike : The Last War of Idle Battle (SRPG)
Category: Games
Developer: TOJOY GAME
Latest Version: 1.11.39 update 6 months ago
System: Android 4.1+
Zombie Strike invites players to assemble a powerful squad in order to destroy the army of zombies that have flooded the city! The first thing that catches your eye when you enter Zombie Strike is a nice cartoon graphics that beckons to start the game.

The player has two tasks: destroy all those infected in the city and assemble a squad of experienced fighters to fight the zombies. Fighters are selected based on the personal preferences of the player. As you progress through the plot of your characters, you can pump over, put on them modified armor and improved firearms. The team has its own den - a big house. Sometimes he has to be defended, but not in ordinary battles, but in battles on converted cars. Battles on the machines look very impressive and exciting, so they are so loved by many players. In the game, great emphasis is placed on the RPG component, so you will regularly have to face a choice: what to pump, what thing to choose, which character to exclude, and so on. . Players have the opportunity to unite with other groups of survivors, enter into alliances, go to the raids on bosses and so on. Zombie Strike has so many chips, characters, skills and items that there is always something to do. If you are tired of fighting with zombies - welcome to the battles on cars. Tired of them too? Then you can learn more about the skills system of your own heroes. If this is tired, then you can go in search of rare items and resources necessary for the game, items and medicines.

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