Три Кота: Кулинария. Готовка еды. Игры готовить! for Android

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Category: Games
Latest Version: 2.0.1 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.1+
Playing Three Kota: Cooking will allow children to learn how to cook, to collect the ingredients in the correct sequence. These three cheerful friends are able to cook food from all that is in the house. They will relate to the process of cooking, responsibly, so that they and their parents are happy with all this. In cooking, the most important thing is the cooking process.


Each game, in its essence, is a mini game. Any game presented here will teach how to cook porridge. In the refrigerator and on the shelves you will need to choose the right ingredients for cooking. Following the examples, the father of the cat, it is proposed to become a real chef.

In the game, you can invite other cats to visit. It will be necessary in order to try cooked food. The most fascinating action in the game is cooking according to your own recipes. Choose those products that are necessary for your recipe and prepare your own delicious dish. Cats learn cooking skills. This all means that with each increase in the level, cooking recipes will become more difficult, and there will be more and more requirements, therefore, about.

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