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MOD Unlocked
Category: Games
Developer: Geisha Tokyo, Inc.
Latest Version: 1.2.14 update 4 months ago
System: Android 4.1+
Age: 3+
Size: 42 Mb
0 is one of the unique action games of the genre, since this idea of ​​the authors is truly creative. Gameplay is a simple snowball shootout in multiplayer mode. The only change on the part of the developers is the upgraded mechanics of the battle.

The user begins his game by rolling a lump of snow. The more he rides through the terrain bypassing dangerous enemies, the greater will be his size. The situation becomes more complicated when players start throwing rolled snowballs at each other and the more they are, the more potential victims will be able to touch. The player can also fly a good ball, so you need to be as vigilant as possible not to start all over again. To save your life in situations where there is no chance to dodge, you can sacrifice your lump and direct it towards the flying danger, thereby destroying the enemy shell. However, you will have to sacrifice time for saving a new snowball for a saved life.

Why is it so important to survive in this game? If the user does not die for a long time, while knocking down a large number of enemies, then as they accumulate in the general account, the character will also increase. Thus, using the snowball, it will be possible to more effectively hit the surrounding opponents. If the character dies, then you have to start small. As in other io projects, presents a table of records in every match and only the most agile and strong player in the ice arena can take the first places.

This concept of gameplay may seem boring to someone, but the emergence of strong enemies can be nice to sweat over their destruction. In addition, the graphics and the accompanying character animation in the game are pleasing to the eye, which makes an excellent time killer, even though the gameplay is monotonous.
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