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Developer: Estoty Entertainment LLC
Latest Version: 7.05 update 4 months ago
System: Android 4.4+
The game on the development of thinking 2048 Number puzzle game for Android, though not difficult to manage, is difficult to solve. Digit manipulation was taken as a foundation, and connoisseurs of logical problems know how irrelevant tasks on this subject can be. After all, any user can kill or build something, but not every player is able to “poke his brain” and solve the puzzle. It is also not advisable to play to those users who tend to sit in the phone for hours, because this game will take you a lot of time to find a solution. No matter how strange it may sound, the creator of this application is a man named Gabriel Cirully, who at the very beginning wrote a project that looks more like an HTML5 version for the browser. But after a while, his creation began to gain great fame among users, and the 2048 application ported the operating system to Android and iOS. Although the rules in the game are not very many, this does not mean that they will allow you to solve such a complex puzzle in a few hours. Indeed, in this world, the principle also operates: the higher the game level, the more difficult the passage becomes.

The very meaning of the game is very simple: in front of you will be a field of sixteen squares. You need to rearrange the numbers so that in one square, at the very end, the figure of 2048 comes out, using the method of addition of even numbers. Two cells with twos make it possible to get a digit 4. Whatever the user does, then a random cell will appear on the field with absolutely any digit, starting from two to four. Ultimately, it turns out that the user is obliged to simply move the cubes along all available sides using simple counting and logic in order to achieve the final goal. Maybe in words it sounds very simple, but after a few minutes of the game, you will see that everything is much more difficult than it seemed at the very beginning.

The graphic component of the game will not bring new discoveries in terms of images. Regular numbers and a simple playing field, here's what you can write on the part of the local image. However, in such an application, it is not necessary to focus much attention on the elaboration of detail, the logical component and complexity is very much appreciated, and only after all this you can proceed to the design of the puzzle. Whatever the outcome, if the user is genuinely interested in this project, then he is unlikely to focus his attention on the picture. And if you note in advance that the game will be simple in its passage only in the starting rounds, and after several levels a real game with numbers will begin, then you will think about the schedule as a last resort.

Main features of the game 2048 Number puzzle game:
  • Feedback from game developers;
  • Entering additional parameters at the discretion of users;
  • View all results;
  • Work on any smartphone or tablet;
  • The game area of ​​the game will be the entire screen;
  • The ability to continue passing, even if the value of 2048 has been overcome.

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